Establishment of Companies

Kancelaria IURIDICA® provides comprehensive legal assistance during the course of establishing and incorporating commercial law companies. We also provide consultations with regard to the opening of representative offices of foreign companies in Poland.

We are greatly experienced in the incorporation of both limited liability companies and joint stock companies. A limited liability company is usually created for smaller projects, and its incorporation is far quicker and less expensive. Joint stock companies are usually incorporated, where the company is expected to be placed in the stock market in the future, and to solicit capital from the market. Where a limited liability company (or joint stock company) is established by another company, it holdhave the instruments of incorporation from its country of establishment (a foreign company), accompanied by an apostille in accordance with the Hague Convention. These documents must be translated by a sworn translator into Polish.

The expenses of establishing a company in Poland (according to rates as at 15th February 2012) are as follows:

  • court fees: 1,000.00 PLN
  • notary’s fees contingent on the amount of the capital of the established company (however, not more than 12,000.00 PLN) plus VAT
  • civil law transaction tax: 0.5% of the value of the capital
  • the expenses of legal services and legal consultations include: the preparation of the articles of the company, consultations and explanations, preparations of documents for the court, representation before court, the Voivodeship Statistical Office, Social Security Agency, Tax Office prior to registration; these costs (not including possible translations) amount from 5,000.00 PLN upwards, plus 23% VAT.

Our offer also includes ready (already registered), so-called “clean” limited liability companies, including companies incorporated 20 years ago, which we may offer our Clients.

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