Our Mission

The mission of Kancelarie Prawnicze IURIDICA® is providing support to entrepreneurship and free-market processes by taking measures with a view of creating, sustaining and stabilizing the legal foundations of the operation of enterprises. In particular, we are referring to professional and comprehensive legal advice for companies operating in the market and the establishment of new companies. These are also our guidelines when we provide advice to non-business entities.

We are particularly close to entrepreneurship, as it has constituted and continues to constitute the core of our business. Nonetheless, we are highly concerned with social and legal problems, which touch upon the institution of family, social relations and interpersonal relations. Where we deem that such a need exists, we often undertake actions on a pro publico bono basis. We consider public responsibility as our own and utmost clear duty.

We rely on a high quality of mutual relationships in our day to day business, whether among our colleagues at the Office, or in solicitor-client relationships. All actions undertaken by us are always preceded by an in-depth analysis of the problem and exploration of potential, optimal methods of proceeding. This method of work has earned us the trust of many Clients, which is a source of true satisfaction for us, and in turn, motivates us to constantly improve our work .

They have trusted us: