Kancelaria IURIDICA® was created in August 1991, at first as a partnership of two individuals. Since September 1998, the Office is functioning within the framework of a group of consulting companies, which jointly employ the proprietary name of IURIDICA® (right of protection no. 198015 for the trademark).

The 1990s of the previous century were the period of Poland’s transformation to a free market economy from central planning. We were not only astute observers, but an active participant of these changes. Kancelaria Prawnicza “IURIDICA” s.c., our predecessor, participated in the privatization of state-owned enterprises, by providing them with comprehensive legal services, as well as with assets appraisals and economic analyses with the assistance of collaborating experts, etc.

Since 1991, for a period of over two decades of our existence, we have incorporated hundreds of commercial law companies, having been retained by entities from Europe, North and South America, and Asia.

Our archives contain over 10,000 templates of various contracts and agreements, internal organizational instruments and consortium agreements, drafted by our Office since 1991. A separate group consists of expert opinions for the purposes of privatization, solicitation of assistance funds, including EU funds, case studies in the area of economic appraisals of consortium enterprises and drafts of legal measures.

They have trusted us: